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CAPRI MK1, 2& 3 all models


2.0 Pinto full engine, cylinder head off for inspection. Bottom end and head still complete and built up as removed from vehicle. New water pump (not fitted) included, no flywheel. Wide lip late rocker cover. Will need fuel pump, distributor and breather box. Bores showing slight wear lip but not excessive.

CAPRI Mk3 Bonnet strip - this is the plastic strip fixed to the very front of the bonnet to match the slats of the front grille. Piccy available. Used. £ SOLD
CAPRI / Mk1 ESCORT / EARLY Mk2 ESCORT STRUT TOP MOUNTING BUSHES, standard, with top spring cups and U-shaped washer that the shocker nut tightens against. No split in either rubber. Piccy available on request to £30 pair £ SOLD
2.8i CAPRI BILSTEIN FRONT STRUTS - Complete struts with 2.8i Springs, discs, calipers, pads, steering arms, strut tops, brake pipes. Been dry stored a while. Cannot guarantee brakes. 1 spare vented disc is included as 1 disc fitted has small amount of damage on outer edge. These are unmodified 2.8i Capri struts. Will also fit Mk1 and 2 Escort. For fitting on a Mk2 Escort you will need to use RS2000 Mk2 Track rod ends which we can supply new separately. Photo available on request to NOW SOLD - SORRY £ SOLD

We can now supply NEW Capri repair panels - wings, sills, floorpans, inner sills, suspension tops, rear arches, lower back panels, front and rear bumpers, battery tray, rear bumper brackets, lower door jamb behind front wing, tailgate lower repair section, some items will be collect only. Call for a quote. Panels mostly by Hadrian or Magnum panels.

£ Call for latest prices
CAPRI most models and Mk1/2 Escort TRACK CONTROL ARMS - One pair, these are new-old-stock still in box never fitted with bushes. Piccy available on request. Made by Powertrain. £ SOLD
2.0 PINTO BOTTOM END / SHORT ENGINE - 205 BLOCK, Believed ex-Sierra, unmodified and as removed. STANDARD BORE. With sump still fitted, electronic distributor, water pump, water pump and crank pulleys. No flywheel. Photo avail on request. £ SOLD
TYRES - 2 only - 205-60-13 Firestone S-660 s, these have been fitted to wheels but have never been used on the road - still have the 'pips / moulding lines' on the tread. £ NOW SOLD £ SOLD
PEPPERPOT 7"x13" 2.8i Capri alloy wheels - 2 only, originabl paint, with center caps - photo available on request. SOLD SORRY £ SOLD
CENTER CAPS FOR CAPRI Pepperpot alloys. 3 available only, original FORD, good used condition. Pics avail on request. £5 each. £5 each

REVOLUTION RFX 5-spoke 7x14 alloys, just refurb'd / powder coated in gloss black and never used since done, still in bubble wrap, with brand new center caps and new chromed valves, Offset ET29, 4x108 PCD, with 4 x not-fitted part worn legal 185-55-14 tyres. Might require a small spacer to be correct on RWD Fords. No obligation photo available on request just phone us.


Gen Ford RS alloys x4, 7"x15", offset ET28, 4stud, three wheels diamond cut and lacquered then never used, one still needs refurb, 4 new c/caps with locking key, 4 new valves. Minor alli corrosion under the lacquer on two wheels which is very common on diamond cut alloys even if they haven't been used just stored as these have. Close up pics of all 4 wheels available on request by e-mail. One centre cap is still in the packet sealed up. Suit Fiesta 3, Puma, and many rear wheel drive Fords £125 the 4 wheels without tyres. These were not standard on any Ford as far as we know - they were in the FORD RS Accessory catalogue


4-branch exhaust manifold, aftermarket, possibly Ashley, used - to fit 1600 and 2 litre PINTO Capri Mk1+2+3 - piccy avail on request £ SOLD

4x REVOLUTION 5-SPOKE ALLOY WHEELS - Black spokes, diamond cut dish section, 4 new center caps, Brand new wheelnuts included, FORD 4-stud 4x108mm PCD, Rears are 8x15 and FRONTS are 7x15, all fitted with never used from new Colway 225-50-15 tyres (Re-treads). These wheels currently retail at £550 without tyres when new. Click Photo for larger image. All 4 checked on our wheel balancer and all dead straight - no buckles.


WOLFRACE Reclining bucket seat - ONE ONLY - previously only used as an indoor c on a swivel frame so it's immaculate. Collect only on this item. Click photo for larger image.

CAPRI Mk3 LASER servo and brake master cylinder complete as removed, with pushrod pin, fluid reservoir and manifold to servo hard pipe. Good used. Will warranty. NOW SOLD - SORRY £ SOLD
CAPRI MK3 BONNET, standard steel bonnet with plastic front edge strip. FACTORY BLACK. Very tidy bonnet apart from a 1.5" scab along front edge - easy fix - no obligation piccy / close up available on request. No post on this item - NOW SOLD - SORRY £ SOLD
RARE Fibreglass Capri Mk3 Tailgate - needs a little work to make 100% - several piccies available on request to NOW SOLD - SORRY £ SOLD
FIBREGLASS Capri Mk3 Front wings - black - used - Collect ONLY - No post on this item - sorry. NOW SOLD - SORRY £ SOLD
CAPRI Mk3 FRONT DOOR - PASSENGER SIDE - with exterior rubber bump strips fitted - ex LASER CAPRI. With glass and exterior handle / lock. Key may be available for locks too ! Has black original mirror fitted but has a dink on back of mirror needs filling and re-satin blacking to make 100%. VERY straight and rust free door. Metallic blue. Photos available no obligation just ask. No post on this item - collect only - sorry. NOW SOLD - SORRY £ SOLD
CAPRI Mk3 Steering rack clamps - good used - original FORD - may also fit Mk1+2 ESCORT £10 pr
CAPRI Laser steering column - immaculate £ SOLD
CAPRI Mk3 Ignition switch + key and rear wiring block connector £25.00
CAPRI Mk3 Steering rack - good used £25.00
CAPRI Mk3 Steering coupling - from steering column to rack - no play in joint + excellent rubber disc with no cracks / perishing. Both pinch-bolts / nuts included as removed. Photo avail on request. £25.00
CAPRI Mk2+3 standard FORD rubber type rear spoiler with all mounting studs intact and 3 original nuts still foitted. VERY straight. Piccy available on request. £ SOLD
CAPRI Mk3 Genuine FORD ALLOY WHEEL CENTER CAPS X4, These are the all-aluminium caps as fitted to the 2.8i Special 7-spoke (and Brooklands 7-spokes?) alloy wheels - part no V84EB-130-AA. All with fixing screws, 3 with the silver FORD Oval badge fitted, badge missing on one cap. Could do with paining to be 100% - pics available on request. Rarely available on their own. Will not split the set. £ SOLD

"ARAYS" 6.5"x15" Diamond Cut alloy wheels. Ford 4-stud rear wheel drive fitting - Offset ET15 so will need checking before purchase ideally, as Capri rims are generally around the ET19 to 20 mark meaning these may sit closer the outer arch than the standard RS Alloys. We think thyey'll be OK on most Capris with possible exception of the Mk1. Wheels are best described as nearly new as are the tyres also nearly new - a set of 4 Matching AVON ZV1 205-50-15s> These were last fitted on a Caterham 7 style kit car.


Capri 2.8i (Atlas) standard rear axle, 3.09:1 ratio, open diff. Cover removed for inspecion. Gears all seem in good shape. With back plates, drums, cylinders and adjusters but NO brake shoes fitted.

2.8i CAPRI FRONT STRUTS COMPLETE with calipers, vented discs, 2.8i standard springs, standard top mounts, steering arms , hubs, wheelstuds etc, as removed from a 2.8i Capri totally standard. 1 rubber dust gaiter is missing from 1 strut. Used. Photo avail on request. £ SOLD
Capri Mk3 Fuel / Petrol Tank - ex 2 litre S with sender unit. Used. NOT suitable for 2.8i.


2.8i CAPRI standard grey 3 spoke steering wheel. Centre cap missing. Needs Clean but ready to use. Also fits Mk1 Escort. £ SOLD
2.8i CAPRI Fuel metering head wit box. Used. £75.00
2.8i Capri single leaf springs with bushes. Standard as removed from a 2.8i Capri. Also fit Mk1 Escort. Used. £ SOLD
2.8i Capri front Recaros with frames (currently unbolted) - shark grey Velour fabric as fitted to later 2.8i's but NOT half leathers. No rips in fabric - foams all good. Quick clean and ready to go...... £ SOLD
Capri 2.8i instrument cluster (with V6 rev counter) - complete and very tidy - piccy available on request


Capri 2.8i HEATER BOX with matrix and motor, cables and heater switch panel £ SOLD
CAPRI Mk3 2000'S' BLACK TAILGATE with wiper motor and glass - this is RUST FREE - superb straight panel - has standard rubber spoiler fitted but this needs re-glueing at 1 end - easily fixed. £ SOLD
CAPRI Mk3 MAROON TAILGATE with wiper motor and glass - this is RUST FREE - superb straight panel - no spoiler fitted. £80.00
Mk3 CAPRI BLACK DOOR - PASSENGER SIDE - RUST FREE un-restored original nearside with glass and handles - from a 2000 'S' £ SOLD
CAPRI Mk3 2000 'S' standard rear leaf springs - matching pair from the same car - 4-leafs in each - also available - U-BOLTS / spring lower mounting plates / upper u-shaped spring clamp plates + rubbers at extra cost £ SOLD
CAPRI Mk3 Original HELLA headlamps - good used units. £15.00


CAPRI Mk3 CHIN SPOILER - Blue - fibreglass - secondhand, has metal strengthening bar bolted along bottom on the inside to keep it straight - fits any Capri Mk3 - click on image for larger photo

Capri Mk3 1600/2000 middle section of exhaust - standard - used £15.00
Capri Mk3 Fibreglass nearside / passenger side front wing - very good used wing - no post on this item - sorry £ SOLD
CAPRI 3-litre V6 4-speed manual iron gearbox, very tough rebuilt box with believed quaiffe internals - was the spare gearbox for a Rover V8 challenge Drag Car that never got used, car is now sold. Call for details. Selling on behalf of a customer.

£ Call us

GEARSTICK for FORD Type 9 5-speed gearbox - completely standard and ready to use, with the 3 torx bolts included. £ SOLD
STEEL BELLHOUSING to fit Ford Type 9 5-speed gearbox also fits the RS2000 / Capri / Cortina 4-speed Type E gearbox £25.00
CAPRI LASER DOOR COMPLETE - Passenger side - some dents to repair but includes glass, winder, and is rust free - light grey metallic with rubber 'bump' strip still fitted. Collect only on this item. £ SOLD
CAPRI 1600 Mk3 Radiator, original FORD not replacement plastic tank item, good used. £SOLD
CAPRI Mk3 Door mirror, original FORD late model plastic backed items - drivers mirror - remote adjust - colour coded Magenta £20.00
CAPRI Mk3 Door mirror, original FORD late model plastic backed items - passenger mirror - not remote adjust - colour coded Magenta £ SOLD
CAPRI Mk3 Rear light units complete with bulb holders and lenses - good used £ SOLD
CAPRI Mk3 Laser handbrake cover - black rubber type with grey vinyl cover which fits over the top i.e. 2 parts. Immaculate £15.00
Capri Mk3 Tailgate wiper motor and mechanism - good used £20.00
CAPRI Mk3 GOOD USED Headlamps, inner and outer headlamps available - corrosion on reflectors - back plates and bezels also in stock. £15.00 ea
CAPRI Mk3 Headlamp backplates with adjusters etc £15 ea
CAPRI Mk3 Plastic original headlamp bezels, magenta colour coded £10.00ea
CAPRI Mk3 FRONT WINGS - BRAND NEW TO ORDER ONLY and COLLECT ONLY from our premises in West Drayton near Heathrow- Pattern part by HADRIAN PANELS Part number 30-03-233



CAPRI Mk3 FRONT BUMPER - This is the satin black steel section ONLY and does not include end caps or over-riders. This is a BRAND NEW bumper still in the storage bag. HADRIAN PANELS Part number 30-03-103 £ SOLD
Still in stock Feb 2011 - Capri Mk3 parts - Steel tailgate, 2.8i prop-shaft, V6 6-dial instrument cluster, cracked grey dash-top, complete twin headlamp assemblies with back plates and bezels, fibreglass doors now sold - sorry, door and window rubbers, grey glovebox, - black, opening rear side windows, wiper motor and mechanism, grey under-dash plastic panel with ashtray and cigarette lighter - call for details.  
CAPRI Mk3 2-litre manual pedal box complete with separate throttle pedal. No play in pedal bushes. Superb condition. Piccy available on request. £ SOLD

OZ SUPERTOURISMO GT Multispoke silver alloy wheels, 7Jx16, 4x108mm PCD Offset ET16 - removed from Peugeot 205GTi but willl fit many Rear wheel drive FORDS including Capris due to the offset. Tyres fitted are 195-45-16. These wheels are maybe 200 miles old, 2 wheels have very minor scratching on rim edge. This package currently costs around £735 new. Photo avail on request. Wheelbolts are included in price to suit Peugeot - M12x1.25. Click photo for larger image.

CAPRI 3 Litre Ghia Automatic gearbox, Ford C3, with torque convertor and flex-plate / flywheel, all flywheel to crank bolts and torque convertor to flywheel bolts, also flywheel to crank spacer plate. Pretty much complete set up minus the gear lever. From a low mileage ( 52000miles ) Mk2 Capri Ghia. ****NOW SOLD**** £ SOLD
CAPRI LEAF SPRING LOWER MOUNTING PLATES with near new genuine ford U-Bolts £30 pr
CAPRI Mk3 1.6 / 2.0 GAS REAR SHOCK ABSORBERS - Genuine FORD - quite new looking, pic available on request - were on a Capri LASER £30 pair
CAPRI REAR AXLE ex Capri laser - Salisbury / Atlas type, 3.75:1 absolutely complete and un-modified exactly as removed from front end write off with all brakes / drums, handbrake cable £ SOLD
CAPRI 1600 Mk3 2-piece propshaft - standard FORD ex-Capri Laser 1600 £35.00
CAPRI Mk3 Dash facia - radio aperture is UN-MODIFIED or cut. BLACK. Superb. £ SOLD
CAPRI 2.8i Special half leather grey original front seats with headreasts. 1 Recaro badge missing, drivers seat - upper side bolsters OK, 1 seam needs re-stiching at top by headrest, lower side bolster torn but foam OK, passenger seat - lower side bolster torn, upper side bolsters cracked with 1 tear but foams OK. 1x recline knob missing. Great basis for repair / refurb. Fabric in middle good on both seats. Collect only - no delivery - sorry. £SOLD
CAPRI 1600 / 2000 front crossmember to suit manual steering rack, sometimes used on Cortina Mk1/2 steering rack conversions, becoming rare now...r £30.00
CAPRI Mk1 Centre console - as fitted to 1600GT XLR, brown £ SOLD
2x 2.8i Capri front brake calipers x2 - pistons removed for inspection, 3 pistons very good, 1 scratched (any M16 piston will fit to replace) including bleed nipples, brake pad pins, 5mm spacer washers x3 (1 missing), suitable for vented disc conversion on Cortina / Capri / Escort. We also sell M16 caliper seal kits new for £21.95 a pair £ SOLD
32/36DGAV Twin choke Weber carb, good used carb, not sure if jets have been changed since new, current jets are - Air Correctors 160 / 125, Mains 135 / 130, Idles 45 / 45 SOLD - SORRY £ SOLD
Capri Mk1/2/3 steering column to steering rack coupling / joint - this is a new-old-stock item, pretty sure this is for a manual steering rack equipped car - can e-mail picture on request to confirm. £25.00
Mk2 CAPRI HEADLAMP, Used, original FORD / LUCAS, part no.75EG13006EA, no corrosion on reflector, with rubber bulb cover and sidelight £15.00
RS + MEXICO ESCORT + MOST CAPRI (Not 2.8i or very early Mk1's) STRUT INSERT - oil filled - ONE ONLY - Made by UNIPART, as new still in Unipart box - Part number GSA3196 £45.00
Mk1 CAPRI 3-LITRE - Front wing 'shield' shaped badges "3000 V6" Red / Black & Silver, good original badges, mounting pins OK, not concours but very good ! *** NOW SOLD *** £ SOLD
Capri Mk1 Pre-facelift (non-GT/GXL) headlamp - small oblong type, used £15.00
Escort Mk1+2 INNER Track Control Arms bushes by POWERFLEX - Pt. No. PFF19/402 also fit all CAPRI - brand new in pack, new-old-stock - (cost £34 new) £15 pr
3.0 Litre V6 Essex - Quality PAYEN CG401 complete top end gasket set, one only, brand new, £25 off regular price of £79.95 £50.00

CAPRI Mk1 3 litre GT parts : Front and rear windscreens £30each

Call for more info and prices
2.8i Capri vented front discs, also fit RS Mk1+2 Escort struts and Cortina Mk3/4/5 hubs, 244mm, brand new standard discs £ NLA
MOUNTNEY Steering wheel adaptor boss for MK1 Escort + Capri / Anglia / Cortina Mk2 to fit Mountney M Range steering wheels also MOMO / SPARCO etc - NEW - Part no. M1026X - includes allen key screws and allen key. £41.95
Ashley CAPRI 2.8i Full system 2" Bore ( NEW, incl VAT ) £245.00
Ashley CAPRI 2.8i Tube Manifolds Pr (NEW, incl VAT ) £239 pr
Ashley CAPRI 3.0L Full System 2" Bore (NEW, incl VAT) £245.00
Ashley CAPRI 1600 + 2 litre OHC Full System 2" Bore (NEW, incl VAT) £156.95
Ashley CAPRI 1600 + 2 litre Pinto OHC 4-2-1 Tubular Manifold (NEW, incl VAT ) £156.95
SPAX adjustable damping CAPRI rear shock absorbers - Mk1 up to 6/1972 all models G259 £179.00 per pair inc VAT £179.95 pr inc VAT
SPAX adjustable damping CAPRI rear shock absorbers - Mk2 + Mk3 7/72 to 1988 all models G447 £169.00 per pair inc VAT £169.00 pr inc VAT
SPAX adjustable damping CAPRI front shock absorber inserts - top adjustable - adjust from under-bonnet - all models 7/72 on except 2.8i SPAX part number TAG1009-I £219 per pair inc VAT £219.00 per pair inc VAT
205-60-13 and 185-70-13 NEW and PART WORN tyres from £10 each £ Call
NEW REVOLUTION and SUPERLITE alloy wheels 13 / 14 and 15", call for a quote, wheel and tyre combinations available at great prices... £ Call
CAPRI all models (except 2.8i) AEROQUIP braided brake hose kit (NEW, incl VAT) now swaged fittings with easy-clean clear-plastic coating on braiding. £39.95
NEW Mk3 Capri front wings - new Hadrian Panels items. Price includes VAT at 20% rate. £127.50 each inc
NEW Capri EBC Greenstuff fast road brake pads, fit most Mk1
+2+3 with M16 calipers inc 2.8i
NEW Mk3 Capri X-PACK kits - H/Duty Fibreglass £525 £525.00
Mk1 CAPRI - various bits of st/steel body strips from a 3000E. Includes the chrome bit round the rear side window & vinyl roof. £ CALL
Mk1 CAPRI '1600GT' wing / bootlid bage, original FORD, reasonable condition £5.00
Capri Mk3 2.0 'S' 4-speed external linkage gearbox + bellhousing £45.00
Capri Mk3 headlamp back plates, second hand £10 each
Capri Mk3 headlamp plastic bezels - used £10 each
Track control arms, good second hand, price includes NEW inner bushes. £10 ea
3 litre V6 Essex rocker covers, standard, 3 available, all the same side - the side the breather pipe fits into. £10 each
Capri 3 Litre front hub, 1 only , superb condition £ SOLD
Caprio 3-litre ESSEX V6 cylinder head - 1 only, totally standard, D-shaped inlet ports so it's a later casting. With valves springs rockers, has been badly stored so needs a shot-blast and rebuild - NOW SOLD - sorry £ SOLD
2.8i V6 cylinder heads, standard, used £35 ea

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