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We carry a good range of interiors,what we have in stock can be found on their relevant pages i.e. Ford, Peugeot etc,
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Air Filters

Bolt On Filters

  Weber DCOE bolt on small oval filter, 2.5" deep, 120mm / 4.5/8" tall by 183mm / 7.1/8" wide. Pt. no. 56-9104. Fits with most twin DCOE set ups. Part no. 56-9104 £52.40
Weber DFT XR2 MK1 + Early MK2 up to 1986 pt. no. 56-9015
Weber DGAV / DGAS (thin) only 1&7/8'' tall - Escort / Capri / Granada / Transit. This unit has a CHROME lid with K&N logo stamped in.
£ Call
Weber TLDM XR2 MK2 1986 onwards, part no. 56-9042
Weber DGAV+DGAS Escort etc - large oval 2.5" tall Part No. 56-9075
Weber DGAV / DGAS Escort etc - small oval 2.5" tall K&N Part number 56-9070
Early Ford clamp-on type, Mk2 Cortina / Escort / Fiesta etc- most Fords with Motorcraft single choke carb with round top (NOT Ford VV carb) pt. no RC-0650
Rover V8 Cone filter for 1.75'' SU carb i.e. as fitted to Rover V8 part number RC-2600
Metro + MG Metro 1.3 for 1.75" SU carb
£ Call
Vauxhall Nova with twin choke Pierburg pt. no 56-9159
Vauxhall Nova with single choke Pierburg pt.no 56-9152
  Astras + Cavaliers with VAUXHALL VARAJET carb bolt on K&N filter Pt. no 56-9037, our price was £52.95. ONE LEFT to clear 1/2 price


Mini 1.5'' SU cone filter off-set mounting HS4'HIF4
£ Call

Panel Filters

MK3/4 XR3i + Turbo + Capri 2.8i, some Golf Gti - 33-2001

Many more in stock + available to order normally next day delivery. Please call for prices and availability.
57i Induction Kits by K&N
Escort RS Turbo Series 1 + 2 Part No. 57-0021-1
Escort Mk4 Efi 89-90 Pt. No 57-0022
  Escort Mk6 1.6 ZETEC Pt. No 57-0339 £79.88
  Escort Mk6 1.8 ZETEC Pt. No 57-0202 £83.95
Fiesta XR2i with remote IRV, IRV hose goes to airbox lid. K&N Part no. 57-0131
Fiesta XR2i with non-remote IRV K&N Part no. 57-0015 - IRV rubber hose goes to inlet manifold cross-over pipe
Fiesta RS Turbo Pt. No 57-0027-1
  MONDEO 1.8i + 2.0i 16 valve 1993 - 96 Pt. No 57-0009 £108.95
  Corsa 1.2i 16v ECOTEC 1998 to 2000 models part number 57-0298 £62.79
Nova GTE \ GSI Pt. No 57-0018
Peugeot 205 1.6 & 1.9 Gti K&N part number 57-0001
MK2 Astra GTE 16v 2.0 K&N part number 57-0151-1
Astra Mk2 GTE 8valve 2 litre 1988-91 K&N part number 57-0006

More Available Call For Details
Accessories & Breather Filters
90 degree plastic bolt-in elbow to use if you wish to plumb in crank-case breather into K&N filter base (drilling req'd)
K&N Filter red - oil, spray can, 200ml
K&N Filter cleaning solution, 1 ltr bottle
K&N Breather filter, 1/2'' (13mm) diameter female base
K&N Breather filter, 3/4'' (19mm) diameter female base
K&N Breather filter 8mm diameter female base, ideal fit to Rover SD1 V8 rocker cover at rear on 1 side. .
K&N ReCharger kit - filter cleaner spray with re-oil spray
Many more in stock + available to order normally next day delivery. Please call for prices and availability.
£ Call
All Available On Mail Order

Parts Ordering
Please note : we can order replacement performance air filters and Induction Kits for most makes of vehicle from K&N, PiperCross, RamAir, JR, ITG, Green, BMC, Quickshift Racing and others. If In doubt please call to discuss your requirements with a member of our staff.

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