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NEW Low priced Air Filters for WEBER CARBS ;

For WEBER DCOE / DELLORTO DHLA (Photo on left) - Cotton Gauze air filter including 90 degree breather attachment elbow, similar to K&N but with more convenient wing nuts to hold lid on - 45mm tall (not including wing nuts) - ask for Part no EMPI8722 - Click photo for larger image

For WEBER DGV / DGAV / DGAS (Photo on right) - cotton gauze air filter including 90 degree breather attachment elbow, similar to K&N but with more convenient wing nuts to hold lid on - 66mm tall (not including wing nuts) - ask for part number EMPI9025 - Click photo for larger image

All £34.95 each inc VAT
  32DGR TWIN CHOKE WEBER CARB - This one has had the choke mechanism and flaps removed, one idle jet and holder is missing, 23 and 24mm choke diameters -- VERY similar to 32DGV Weber, one of the linkage levers that join the two spindles together in use is missing, little to no play in spindles, so looks like it'll be a great carb if you have some spares from another carb. For spares or repair. Photo available on request. £ 25.00
  VAUXHALL XE Alloy inlet manifold to suit up to 2x45DCOE or 45DHLA Carbs, used, with studs and O-rings. photo available on request. £ SOLD
  TWIN WEBER 48DCO 2SP CARBURETTORS. 1 pair of Webers which were bought brand new by the previous owner, used for approximately 15 miles then removed and stored. With Ram pipes and balance levers - these currently cost around £690 a pair new. £ SOLD
  TWIN 48DHLA Dellorto carbs bolted to Vauxhall Red top16v SB Developments inlet manifold, ex 1/4mile oval Hot Rod, with linkage and average condition but quite useable K&N filters. One carb flange has been overtightened by previous owner, has been temporarily sealed up and runs OK but needs a proper welded repair or replace one carb. £ SOLD
  FORD Early Crossflow Fuel pump - glass dome top type as fitted to Mk2 Cortina etc. One screw-in fuel pipe / union still fitted. Used. Photo available. £20.00
  28/32TLDM Twin choke Weber + linkage + CVH Manifold + Nearly new K&N Filter - as fitted to Mk2 XR2 suit any 1600 CVH will run on 1400 CVH OK too. Recent overhaul kit fitted, New base gasket. £ SOLD
  WEBER TWIN CHOKE CARBURETTOR 32DFM as fitted to 1600GT and 1600E Mk2 Cortina models. Manual choke, nothing missing, spindles operate smoothly. Used. Photo avail on request, manifold available separately if required. £ SOLD
  WEBER 32IBF Single choke carburettor fitted to 950 / 1100 Crossflow / Valencia engine inlet manifold with linkage. This is a Weber replacement carb for the original. Photo avail on request. £ SOLD
  Ford Crossflow inlet manifold to fit Weber 38DGAS twin choke Weber (ex 3.0 Capri) with alloy manifold to cylinder head spacer plate made as a 1-off by an Engineering firm £ SOLD
  ZENITH Single choke carburettor, manual choke, fitted to FORD CROSSFLOW original FORD inlet manifold - accelerator pump 'stuck' could do with an oil - we haven't stripped this carb for checking at all. Photo available on request. £ SOLD
  Twin 40DCNF Downdraught Weber Carbs with Ford CVH Inlet manifold - Manifold has 1 vaccuum union snapped and needs drilling out. No linkage. No air filters. Has trumpets / air horns plates fitted, £ SOLD
  Weber Twin choke 32/34DMTL - 0 - 5E - Used but looks to be extremely low mile-age. Used as a replacement carb for many different models of carb i.e. Weber 30/34DFTH / 28/30DFTH / Pierburg 2E3 and 2E2/ GM Varajet 2 / Nikki / Hitachi / (Fiesta Mk1/2 etc) Photo available on request £ SOLD
  Weber twin choke Carburettor 32/34DMTL fitted to Ford Pinto inlet manifold with linkage, carb looks nearly new. £ SOLD
  Twin 40DCNF Downdraught Weber Carbs with Schneider K&N style (not genuine K&N), no manifold fitted. may require a rolling road set-up / jetting session to run at their best. Pic available on request. £ SOLD
  TWIN CHOKE WEBER 32/36DGAV-3D1 - a bit mucky but all seems to operate smoothly - complete and unmolested - piccy available if required. £ SOLD
  28/36DCD Twin choke Weber (as fitted to Mk1 Cortina 1500GT) fitted to Crossflow Mk2 Cortina inlet manifold, with linkage to accept a cable. Good used, last used on a 1300 Mk2 Escort - photo available on request £ SOLD
  RAMPIPES / TRUMPETS for Weber 45DCOE, 26mm, plated steel type (nickel plated?), very near to new condition, no dinks / damage. Slide-in type so NOT suitable for Dellortos. £ SOLD
  38DGAS Twin Choke Weber, manual choke conversion fitted, jets fitted : Mains 185 / 185, Air Correctors 120-F66 / 125-F66, Idle 45/45, as fitted standard to 3.0 Capri / Granada / V6 Transit and Schimitar £ SOLD
  32/36DGAV Twin choke Weber carb, good used carb, not sure if jets have been changed since new, current jets are - Air Correctors 160 / 125, Mains 135 / 130, Idles 45 / 45 £ SOLD

Ford 2.0 pinto inlet manifold - VERY unusual - standard Pinto inlet manifold for twin choke Weber, highly modified with injector bosses welded on with Bosch K-Jetronic injectors fitted and XR3i throttle body fitted where carb used to go. Nice workmanship but never used. Shotblasted finish. Requires rest of XR3i injection system ans pipes / setting up. Photo available on request. CLICK ON PHOTOS FOR LARGER IMAGE.


Polished alloy Ram-Pipes for 48DCOE Weber / 48DHLA Dellorto carbs. Bolt-on type. Un-used from new so as new condition. Stunning looking, 90mm long from face of carb. Outside diameter at end is 90mm ! Click photo for bigger image.

  MAIN JETS x4 for Weber DCOE - size 135 - BRAND NEW £5 set


VAUXHALL 16v XE 2 Litre

1 x Inlet Manifold to suit up to twin 45 DCOE or DHLA carbs on Vauxhall Red top 16v engine - SB Developments part no. INL-MAN1 or INL-MAN2 - not quite sure which one this is - difference is carb / engine angle - one is for 7 degree incline and other is for vertical engine. Jacketted. With Misab O-rings, studs, nylocks and thackeries £65.00 (costs £144 new)


1 x CROSSFLOW 1600 Inlet Manifold for up to twin 40DCOE / DHLA's, 4.25" thick, angles carbs upwards slightly, with studs but no water union - used £49.00





  Ford Crossflow inlet manifold for Twin choke Weber, REAR WHEEL DRIVE Mk2 Escort type, with unions, 1 auto choke rubber water feed hose from back of manifold, but no linkage bracket. V.Good s/hand £ SOLD
  Crossflow OEM inlet manifolds for twin choke, used, from...
Pinto OEM inlet manifold for Twin choke Weber (DGAS / DGAV / DGV etc), used, good threads + studs
NEW CVH Inlet manifold kit for up to 2x40 DCOE's, includes manifold, carb mounting studs, thackery washers, nylock nuts, O-Ring seals between carbs and manifold, fuel pump position blanking plate.
NEW Zetec inlet manifold for up to twin 45 DCOES
  NEW Ford Crossflow inlet manifold for up to twin 40 DCOEs £ NLA
  NEW Inlet manifold accessories - studs £0.60 each, 'MISAB' carb to manifold bonded alloy O-Rings £2.95 ea Nylock nuts £0.35ea Thackery washers (rubber type with 2 washers - easy to set tension on) £0.95each Vaccuum union £4.11 Water Union (straight) £8.21 Water union - 135degree £11.50  
  NEW Magard style twin cable linkage from SYTEC for Weber DCOEs, new for 2009, all bronze bushed joints, all alloy with no rough castings like the old Magard, looks and works SUPERB. With alloy pedal block and twin cables. STLK100 £79.95

Carburettor service kits from SYTEC all contain new needle valve, new gasket kit + all O-rings. New mixture screws not included.

40 DCOE with 175 needle valve £11.95 each carb

40DHLA Dellorto with 150 needle valve £15.75 each carb

Weber DGV/DGAV £13.75

Weber 38DGAS £13.75

  NEW genuine BOSCH fuel injection pump to suit Escort RS Turbo, Capri 2.8i / XR3i Bosch number 0580254910 £114.95
  Weber 28/32 TLDM as fitted to Escort + Orion 1600 1990 to 1991 models. Pt no. 28/32TLDM-26A2 - water operated autochoke, used. £ SOLD
  Weber 32DGV, 32DGAV, 32/36DGV and 32/36DGAV Twin chokes normally in stock, prices normally around £45 to £75, call to check our stocks......
frm £45






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